A peek into my padded room...

Hey there!

I'm Sean, and this is my profile, obviously. I'm usually a pretty laid-back person, until I get into a debate over topics that I fiercely believe in or until you make me mad. I'm bi, with a preference towards guys. I LOVE cars, music, and technology. I notice that I'm kinda rambling on here...oh well. If you don't like what I believe in, then don't fight with me over it, 'cause I will fight back. Hard(er). I could honestly give a shit about what people think about me. My relationship experience has not been the greatest (both because of my fault and theirs, sometimes). I'm not quite sure why I give everything in a relationship when I know it's just gonna end badly anyway. But, I'm always looking for "that one". God, I hate sounding cliche. That's just about it...if you want to know more, just IM or visit my myspace/facebook profile.